CSE and EPSC – process safety networks deepen their relationship

Two European based process safety networks, the European Process Safety Centre (EPSC) and the CSE-Society for the Promotion of Process and Plant Safety, associate of the CSE Center of Safety Excellence in Pfinztal near Karlsruhe, recently concluded a co-operation agreement which from the outset entitles each party to have full member rights to the other party’s network. Into the future it is anticipated that EPSC will work closely with CSE in advancing process safety research especially in providing project opportunities for post graduate students in meeting a real and specific need of the major hazards sector.

EPSC Board member, Hans Schwarz, vice president process and occupational safety of the BASF Group said that he was especially impressed with the work of CSE and was looking forward to both parties to be working soon on a process safety risk screening tool. Juergen Schmidt, President of the CSE-Society and Director of the CSE Center of Safety Excellence, said that he is enthusiastic about the future cooperation which will strengthen the education of young academics in the field of Process and Plant Safety – the only way to further reduce risks of technical plants and to keep our high competencies sustainably.

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