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Joint US and European DIERS User Group Meeting 2019

3rd International Workshop on Process and Plant Safety

European DIERS User Group

2019 Joint DiERS, Pfinztal, Germany

The European and US DIERS User´s Groups invite to a joint conference at CSE Center of Safety Excellence in Pfinztal near Karlsruhe. Experts from all parts of the world exchange their latest knowledge and practices in Process and Plant safety within the chemical, petrochemical, pharmaceutical, oil- and gas industry.

Event Dates:
May 22 – 24, 2019

Event venue:
Pfinztal (near Karlsruhe), Germany

Conference Hotel:
open_in_new Erbprinz, Karlsruhe Ettlingen

open_in_new High-Pressure Loop at CSE Center of Safety Excellence

Prof. Dr. Jürgen Schmidt
CSE-Institut, Germany

Harold Fisher, Fisher Inc., USA

Host of the conference:
CSE Center of Safety Excellence, Pfinztal

Number of participants:
about 120



George Melhem – ioMosaik
Getting a Handle on PRV Stability Dynamics with Case Studies


Hizao Izuchi – Chiyoda Corporation
PRV Stability Study for Control Valve Outlet Piping


Dustin Smith – Smith & Burgess
Oddities of Long Inlet Lines Part 1 – Review of Test Data


Oddities of Long Inlet Lines Part 2 – Consequences on Modeling


Jürgen Schmidt – CSE Center of Safety Excellence
European Program on Evaluation of Safety Valve Stability


John Burgess – Smith & Burgess
Unintended Consequences of Relief Device Piping Modifications


Csaba Hos – Budapest University
Predicting valve chatter in liquid and gas service


Luc Véchot – DEKRA Process Safety
Round Robin Test on Trigonox 21 – Results


Gabe Wood – Fauske
Using VSP2 to Perform Relief Sizing on Epichlorohydrin Chemistry


John Hare – Health and Safety Executive
HSE Pilot Scale Gassy Experiments – Part 2


Josep Basco – Basell Poliolefinas Ibérica
Back to basics: pressure relief valve specification sheet according to IEC 61511


Georges Melhem – ioMosaic
Modeling the Dynamics of Heat Exchanger Tube Rupture


Mondie Mutegi – CSE Center of Safety Excellence
Sizing Rupture Disk Vent Line Systems for High-Velocity Flows


Simon Egan – Solvay
Lessons from the thermal runaway of a semi-batch reaction


Jürgen Schmidt – CSE Center of Safety Excellence
Safety 4.0: A Future Vision of Process and Plant Safety


Aristides Morillo – Shell Global Solutions
Mitigation of a reactive case by instrumentation in lieu of relief device: Case study


Johannes Biernath – CSE Center of Safety Excellence
SmartHIP – Smart Technology for High Integrity Overpressure Protection


John Hauser – PROSAF Inc.
Fire Exposure of Low Volatility Liquids“


Johannes Single – CSE Center of Safety Excellence
ExpertRisk – Computer Aided Hazard Identification for Process Plants


Caroline Ladlow – Kindlow Safety Services
Lessons learned: Polymerization of an IBC


Dilip Das – ioMosaic
Streamlining ERS Design for Reactive Systems


Freeman Self – Bechtel / Victor Quiroga – VMG-Schlumberger
Cracking of Petroleum Resid – Model Development


Stefan Rüsenberg – REMBE® Safety + Control / Jürgen Schmidt – CSE Center of Safety Excellence
Part 1 – High Performance Solution


Part 2 – Multi-component multi-flashing 2-phase-flow through bursting discs provided by CSE PROSaR


Natalie Schmidt – CSE Center of Safety Excellence
ARTEM – Advanced Reactor and Storage Tank Emission Model


Leonid Korelstein / Elena Yudovina – NTP Truboprovod
PASS/HYDROSYSTEM Piping Flow Analysis Software: New Opportunities and Ongoing Projects

Major Topics

  • Standards and RAGAGEPs
  • PRV instability
  • Bursting disk flow characterization and sizing
  • Intelligent safety measures
  • Reactor relief
  • Calorimetric experiments and evaluation
  • Expert systems for explosion hazards
  • Sizing tools in Process Safety
  • Tank breathing – modelling and emission reduction
  • Round robin calculation
  • Safety Culture
  • Zero incident
  • Multi-component flashing flow
  • Smart safety devices (Industry 4.0)
  • Education in Process and Plant Safety
  • High pressure testing
  • Functional safety