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EDUG 2017

European Workshop on Process and Plant Safety

EDUG 2017

2017 EDUG Meeting in Lyon, France

The European DiERS User Group invites to conference in Southampton, UK. Experts from all parts of the world exchange their latest knowledge and practices in Process and Plant safety within the chemical, petrochemical, pharmaceutical, oil- and gas industry.

Event Dates:
June 6 – 7, 2017

Event venue:
Lyon, France

Conference Venue:
open_in_new Research and Innovation Center Lyon (RICL) – Solvay
85 avenue des Frères Perret
69190 Saint-Fons, France

Prof. Dr. Jürgen Schmidt
CSE-Institut, Germany

Simon Egan and Wassila Benaissa, Solvay, France

Host of the conference:

Number of participants:
about 50



Kaliningrad – Solvay
Solvay – Company Introduction


Basco, J. – Lyondellbasell
A new approach to optimize the inspection interval of pressure relief valves


Hõs, C.; Champneys, A.R. – Budapest University of Technology; University of Bristol
Predicting pressure relief valve chatter in complex pipeline systems


Basco, J. – Lyondellbasell
Comparison of different methods to predict chattering in pressure relief valves


Smith, D. – Smith & Burgess
Experimentally Validated Factors That Reduce Relief Valve Chatter


Egan, S. – Solvay
Solvay internal guideline and Excel files for two phase vent sizing


Egan, S. – Solvay
Round robin exercise on sizing a pressure relief for a two phase non-reactive case


Prediction of the nature of the relief in case of runaway reaction


Siebeneicher, T. – University Hamburg
Construction, Characterization and Operation of a new, Continuous High Pressure Heat Accumulation-Test


Hare, J. – HSE
Response of Pressure Vessels to Excess Pressure


Korelstein, L.;Yudovina, E. – NTP Truboprovod
Piping Flow Analysis Software


Benaissa, W. – Solvay
Workshop: Round Robin Test on Trigonox21 decomposition


Egan, S. – Solvay
Learning lessons from fatal explosion in a pilot plant


Wood, G. – Fauske
Relief System Sizing for Runaway Chemical Reactions: A Simple Comprehensive Approach


Bodizs, L. – Evonik
A practical example for overpressure protection of a loop reactor


Ferreira, J. – Dow
Reactive Hazards Analysis White Paper – Overview


Singh, J. – HEL Ltd.
Developments and Issues in Adiabatic calorimetry and thermal hazards testing


Kossoy, A. – CISP
Adiabatic calorimetry – new trends and some peculiarities of application


Villemur, C. – INERIS
Using the 10 liter reaction vessel for emergency relief system sizing


Middle, K.– Chilworth / DEKRA Insight; CISP
Adiabatic Calorimetry of a Polymerisation Process – A Case Study of Issues Overcome


Kossoy, A, Singh, J.; Middle, K. – CISP; HEL Ltd.; Chilworth / DEKRA Insight
2 unusual complex cases – how to deal with adiabatic data when traditional methods fail