EDUG 2017

European Workshop on Process and Plant Safety


21. Juni – 23. Juni 2017

Beginn der Tagung
22.06.2017, 8:30 Uhr

Ende der Tagung
23.06.2017, 17:00 Uhr

Research and Innovation Center Lyon (RICL) – Solvay
85 avenue des Frères Perret
69190 Saint-Fons, France

Jürgen Schmidt, CSE-Institut, Germany
Simon Egan and Wassila Benaissa, Solvay, France

Anzahl der Teilnehmer

Ausrichter der Tagung


HIER – Agenda for the 2017 EDUG Meeting


HIER – ZIP-File (ca. 30 MB) mit allen Präsentation
HIER – ZIP-File (ca. 104 MB) mit Bildern der Konferenz

Kaliningrad – Solvay
Solvay – Company Introduction

Basco, J. – Lyondellbasell
A new approach to optimize the inspection interval of pressure relief valves

Hõs, C.; Champneys, A.R. – Budapest University of Technology; University of Bristol
Predicting pressure relief valve chatter in complex pipeline systems

Basco, J. – Lyondellbasell
Comparison of different methods to predict chattering in pressure relief valves

Smith, D. – Smith & Burgess
Experimentally Validated Factors That Reduce Relief Valve Chatter

Egan, S. – Solvay
Solvay internal guideline and Excel files for two phase vent sizing

Egan, S. – Solvay
Round robin exercise on sizing a pressure relief for a two phase non-reactive case

Prediction of the nature of the relief in case of runaway reaction

Siebeneicher, T. – University Hamburg
Construction, Characterization and Operation of a new, Continuous High Pressure Heat Accumulation-Test

Hare, J. – HSE
Response of Pressure Vessels to Excess Pressure

Korelstein, L.;Yudovina, E. – NTP Truboprovod
Piping Flow Analysis Software

Benaissa, W. – Solvay
Workshop: Round Robin Test on Trigonox21 decomposition

Egan, S. – Solvay
Learning lessons from fatal explosion in a pilot plant

Wood, G. – Fauske
Relief System Sizing for Runaway Chemical Reactions: A Simple Comprehensive Approach

Bodizs, L. – Evonik
A practical example for overpressure protection of a loop reactor

Ferreira, J. – Dow
Reactive Hazards Analysis White Paper – Overview

Singh, J. – HEL Ltd.
Developments and Issues in Adiabatic calorimetry and thermal hazards testing

Kossoy, A. – CISP
Adiabatic calorimetry – new trends and some peculiarities of application

Villemur, C. – INERIS
Using the 10 liter reaction vessel for emergency relief system sizing

Middle, K.– Chilworth / DEKRA Insight; CISP
Adiabatic Calorimetry of a Polymerisation Process – A Case Study of Issues Overcome

Kossoy, A, Singh, J.; Middle, K. – CISP; HEL Ltd.; Chilworth / DEKRA Insight
2 unusual complex cases – how to deal with adiabatic data when traditional methods fail

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