Conference – DIERS 2015

Joint US and European
DIERS User Group Meeting 2015

2nd. International Workshop on Process and Plant Safety


Event Dates
10th to 12th June 2015


Event begins on
10th June 2015 at 0830hrs

Event ends on
12th June 2015 at 1800hrs

Event venue
Düsseldorf, Germany
Maritim Hotel Duesseldorf Airport,
Maritim-Platz 1, D-40474 Dusseldorf
at Dusseldorf Airport

Prof. Dr. Jürgen Schmidt, CSE-Institute, Germany
Harold Fisher, Fisher Inc., USA

Number of participants
about 80 from 10 nations

Host of the conference
Rembe GmbH, Brilon


HERE – Agenda for DUG / EDUG Joint Meeting

Presentations (for participants only)

HERE – ZIP-File (ca. 50 MB) with all presentations
HERE – ZIP-File (ca. 22 MB) with all pictures of the conference

Hauser, J. – PROSAF
Report Relieving Pressures

Paul, K.. – PENTAIR
Dynamics of direct spring operated pressure relief valves with inlet piping summary of recent results

Melhem, G. – ioMosaic
Modeling of Dynamics for PRV Stability for Liquid Systems

Schmidt, J.; Denecke, J. – CSE-Institute
Center of Safety Excellence – Research and Innovation in Process and Plant Safety

Basco, J. – Lyondellbasell
API Standard 520, Part II, 6th edition Engineering Analysis concept applied to safety valves with inlet pressure drops greater than 3 %

Dannenmaier, T.; Schmidt, J. – CSE-Institute | Odenwald, O. – BASF
European Program on Evaluation of Safety Valve Stability

Wood, G.; Conzen, J. – Fauske & Associates
Modeling and Computation of Reaction Forces on Relief Piping During Depressurization

Smith, D.; Burgess, J. – Smith & Burgess
The Quarter Wave Model and Complex Piping Systems

Faulk, N. – Siemens Energy, Inc
Determining Discharge Coefficients: Two-Phase Relief for Certified & Non-Certified Valve

Graham, A. – Syngenta
Process Hazards Section: My Experiences with Autocatalytic Decompositions

Kennedy, M. – SPDS Ltd
Scaling up Emergency Venting Studies

Ralbovsky, P. – Netzsch
New Tools and Methods for Thermal Hazards Screening and Fire Exposure Testing

Ferreira, J. et al. – DOW Chemical
Practical Examples of Alternate Overpressure Protection Systems – An Owner’s Perspective

Bodizs, L. – Evonik
Dynamic Models for Safety Shutdown of Distillation Columns

Egan, S. – Solvay
It’s a washout Learning lessons from the clean out of a stock tank

Korelshteyn, L. – Truboprovod
Choked and Near-Choked Real Gas and Two-Phase Flow Analysis of Discharge Piping

Leung, J. – Leung Inc.
DIERS Round-Robin Vinyl Acetate Solution Runaway Polymerization – Experimental Data, Analysis and Relief Design Exercise

Bigot, P.; Xu, J. – Ècole des mines de Saint-Ètienne
Vapor runaway reaction: 1- φ or 2-φ vent flow?

Moncalvo, D. – Braunschweiger Flammenfilter
Weather impact on in- and outbreathing from non refrigerated low pressure storage tanks: state of the art and beyond

Claramunt, S. REMBE GmbH | Schmidt, J. – CSE-Institute
Sizing of Rupture Disc Vent Lines for Two-Phase Flow acc. to HNE-CSE Model

Leung, J. – Leung Inc.
Methods to Characterize Non-Equilibrium Flow Behavior in Pressure Relief Valves

Mutegi, M. REMBE GmbH | Schmidt, J. – CSE-Institute
Experimental Investigation and Modeling of Rupture Disc Vent Line Systems in Two-Phase Gas/Liquid Flow

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