Veranstaltungen – DIERS 2015

Joint US and European
DIERS User Group Meeting 2015

2nd. International Workshop on Process and Plant Safety


10. – 12. Juni 2015


Beginn der Tagung
10.06.2015, 8:30 Uhr

Ende der Tagung
12.06.2015, 18:00 Uhr

Düsseldorf, Germany
Konferenzzentrum Hotel Maritim,
Flughafen Düsseldorf

Prof. Dr. Jürgen Schmidt, CSE-Institut, Germany
Harold Fisher, Fisher Inc., USA

Anzahl der Teilnehmer
ca. 80 aus 10 Nationen

Ausrichter der Tagung
Rembe GmbH, Brilon


HIER – Agenda for DUG / EDUG Joint Meeting


HIER – ZIP-File (ca. 50 MB) mit allen Präsentation
HIER – ZIP-File (ca. 22 MB) mit Bildern der Konferenz

Hauser, J. – PROSAF
Report Relieving Pressures

Paul, K.. – PENTAIR
Dynamics of direct spring operated pressure relief valves with inlet piping summary of recent results

Melhem, G. – ioMosaic
Modeling of Dynamics for PRV Stability for Liquid Systems

Schmidt, J.; Denecke, J. – CSE-Institute
Center of Safety Excellence – Research and Innovation in Process and Plant Safety

Basco, J. – Lyondellbasell
API Standard 520, Part II, 6th edition Engineering Analysis concept applied to safety valves with inlet pressure drops greater than 3 %

Dannenmaier, T.; Schmidt, J. – CSE-Institute | Odenwald, O. – BASF
European Program on Evaluation of Safety Valve Stability

Wood, G.; Conzen, J. – Fauske & Associates
Modeling and Computation of Reaction Forces on Relief Piping During Depressurization

Smith, D.; Burgess, J. – Smith & Burgess
The Quarter Wave Model and Complex Piping Systems

Faulk, N. – Siemens Energy, Inc
Determining Discharge Coefficients: Two-Phase Relief for Certified & Non-Certified Valve

Arthur, G. – Syngenta
Process Hazards Section: My Experiences with Autocatalytic Decompositions

Kennedy, M. – SPDS Ltd
Scaling up Emergency Venting Studies

Ralbovsky, P. – Netzsch
New Tools and Methods for Thermal Hazards Screening and Fire Exposure Testing

Ferreira, J. et al. – DOW Chemical
Practical Examples of Alternate Overpressure Protection Systems – An Owner’s Perspective

Bodizs, L. – Evonik
Dynamic Models for Safety Shutdown of Distillation Columns

Egan, S. – Solvay
It’s a washout Learning lessons from the clean out of a stock tank

Korelshteyn, L. – Truboprovod
Choked and Near-Choked Real Gas and Two-Phase Flow Analysis of Discharge Piping

Leung, J. – Leung Inc.
DIERS Round-Robin Vinyl Acetate Solution Runaway Polymerization – Experimental Data, Analysis and Relief Design Exercise

Bigot, P.; Xu, J. – Ècole des mines de Saint-Ètienne
Vapor runaway reaction: 1- φ or 2-φ vent flow?

Moncalvo, D. – Braunschweiger Flammenfilter
Weather impact on in- and outbreathing from non refrigerated low pressure storage tanks: state of the art and beyond

Claramunt, S. REMBE GmbH | Schmidt, J. – CSE-Institute
Sizing of Rupture Disc Vent Lines for Two-Phase Flow acc. to HNE-CSE Model

Leung, J. – Leung Inc.
Methods to Characterize Non-Equilibrium Flow Behavior in Pressure Relief Valves

Mutegi, M. REMBE GmbH | Schmidt, J. – CSE-Institute
Experimental Investigation and Modeling of Rupture Disc Vent Line Systems in Two-Phase Gas/Liquid Flow

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