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It is the long path we have to take to attain our ambitions target!

CSE objectives

  • Make our world today safer!
  • Build trust in technology by enhancing safety!
  • Make safety the order of the day in practice – not just in theory!
Ziele am CSE

These are the main CSE objectives elaborated clearly:

Technical plants and processes must be operated in a safer manner!
This is just the beginning of a long path towards achieving a world where:
  • No causalities / no major events
  • No negative impacts on humans and environment
  • No emission of substances – “Zero-Emission”
  • No safety related incidents
  • No glitches deviating from the normal operation
“No” in this sense means none – and at no time! That is the objective. In doing this, the economic interests and protection of humans and environment need be balanced. The worldwide resources should be used sparingly.

We must build trust that technical plants are operated safely
  • Trust means that all actions are done with respect
  • Trust means being conscientious of others
  • Trust must be built continuously day-by-day
The means to this end is laborious:
  • Public trust in safety instead of accepting risks
  • Being mindful of the public opinion instead of just believing in “Zero risk”
  • Constant dialoging about safety instead of silence
  • Daily “License to Operate”

We create space in the heads – for the Safety Mind Set!
As such, safety is practiced 24/7
Everyone must think and act in a safety conscious manner, every day and everywhere…
  • Safety perimeters do not end at the factory gates
  • First evaluate the risk – then take adequate measures
  • One can learn to think and act in a safety conscious manner
“Safety Mind Set” should be distinctively pronounced in all people. Safety must be the order of the day.

Harmonization of Safety – worldwide to one level!

We are working on achieving a world-wide uniform high and accepted safety level for Process and Plant Safety. The path to attaining this level depends on many factors, i.e. culture, training, manufacturing quality and – tolerances, etc. Harmonization is close in our heart as a company that is operating on a global scale.Strategie des CSE

CSE strategy::

  • Applied research in the safety of technical plants
  • Fostering of new talents in research and teaching
  • Safety conscious innovations
  • Sustainable conservation of competencies
  • CSE – offering Leadership in Process and Plant Safety

Our Motivation:

Keeping silent is a step backwards – what can we do today to be safer in future?

Motivation am CSE

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