Vision 2030

Visions are Direction Signs for Innovations

Reseach does not work without visions – and the CSE has large visions.
Little step by step and continuous development is good. But it goes not far enough! It is not enough for innovations. Herewith, clear visions and sustainable research is mandatory.
Our vision constitute from our desires of a safe world for tomorrow.

1Safety engineering has helped attain the highest levels of economic efficiency.
All technical plants are protected with intelligent safety devices. The devices are adaptive in that they adapt to the system to which they are applied to and to the systems prevailing operating conditions. The plant is operated under optimum economic conditions based on the safety limits.

2Zero-Emission in technical plants is a reality.
Innovative protection systems detect possible dangers and leakages in advance long before any hazard. Pipelines, columns, tanks, vessels etc. operate automatically in a fail-safe state. There is no emission even in the event of failure. Large-scale fires and explosions are a thing of the past.

3All areas are safe and everyone is conscious about safety
Personnel in companies, institutions and other facilities have attained a high level of safety culture. Safety is practiced in every living situation. Technical malfunctions have been reduced to a minimum. Human error is not a major factor in high risks. Safety is at the highest possible level as possible dangers in the wider population have been consciously taken care of.

4The general public has trust in technology (social license to operate)
The society exhibits a high level of trust for safety of technical facilities. The industrial sector is continuously working in collaboration with CSE to build and maintain this trust – risk analysis, research into safety aspects and communication in this regard is the order of the day. Young talents with a technical safety mindset guarantee preservation of competence in the industry in a sustainable manner.

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