How to Apply

Now take your chance and send your application to CSE-institute

What should I attach in my application?

  • Curriculum-vitae, photograph , current transcript of results, a general qualification for university entrance (Abitur or similar)
  • Course of study, semester, majors
  • Hobbies and other miscellaneous information
  • Reason for application: Bachelor or Master thesis, doctoral thesis and topic of interest where applicable
  • Intended starting date, period of time

How should I apply?

  • per Mail to: bewerbung@cse-institut.de or
  • or as a letter addressed to CSE-Institute, Joseph-von-Fraunhofer Str. 9, 76234 Pfinztal

When should I make my application?

  • Do this as early as possible – preferably 3-4 months before your intended starting date.

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