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CSE-Institute is a new entity founded in 2015. There are a number of exciting projects that kick-off in the months ahead. A glimpse of these projects is documented under Research. A glimpse of these projects is documented under Research. An overview of the Areas of Research as well as the CSE-Institute Innovative Programs area.


Bachelor- und MasterarbeitenIts not time to put your learnt theoretical knowledge to practice – in actual projects, activities and innovative solutions – offering direct contact to the industry and potential future employers. CSE-institute has a wide range of challenging tasks and projects within the scope of bachelor or master thesis to ensure that you finish your studies on the right foot.

Master thesis abroad

Yes, things even get better! Our exchange program offers outstanding students a chance to do their master thesis abroad – free of costs for example at the Mary Kay o Connor Process Safety Center in USA.

Dissertations (PhD programs)

PromotionWhat next after clearing your final exams and graduating? Do you have a long-term strategic perspective beyond just getting up the ladder career wise? A dissertation at the CSE-Institute is the next step towards achieving this. CSE offers you a chance to do a PhD without having do away with the much desired contact to the industry. In the four years, you expand your professional and social competencies. You will be able to build an international network in both the academic and industrial sectors which will be very vital in your future professional life.

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