Founding History of CSE

This is our Story!

100 doctoral thesis in a year – only in the area of Safety Engineering. There is a research boom that is driven by safety related incidents in the industry and public discussions about safety in industries – those were the 90’s!

Since then, a lot has changed more than 20 research institutes have been closed and a decline in funding hit rock bottom. After all, what is the reason behind researching, while the technical plants are safe?
In the meantime, there are hardly any new young professionals with adequate safety engineering competencies streaming from the institutions of higher learning to the industrial sector. We are literary living off our past and there is not much left in the barns – experienced safety engineers are making attempts to offer in-house training to incoming work mates. This is however not as deep as it would be if it is done within the scope of research. The competencies in Process and Plant Safety are nearly exhausted.

2004: There was an attempt to change the direction of the tides. This is based on the Dechema Initiative which was proposed with a view to maintaining competencies in Safety Engineering. The position paper elaborates and makes it clear that there is need for research. Think of it; technical plants are safe – and there is still need to research? Is there still need to invest in Safety Engineering? Something doesn’t make sense here right? Wait! …

2011: A second attempt is made. Experts meet in Berlin and discuss about the maintenance of competencies at the ECCE conference in Berlin. Urgency to handle the situation at the time has never been higher as presented in the presentation by Dr. Schmidt then. Presentation Schmidt ECCE2011

There are also issues abroad; e.g. in Netherlands, Denmark and USA. The issue of maintenance of competencies has now become an issue on global scale. The industrial sector now has fewer room for research. There is urgency from the service providers who are feeling the heat.

2013: Dechema organizes a conference for lecturers in institutions of higher learning. Safety Engineering needs to be taught! The set curriculum is however fully packed. In any case, who would offer lectures as there are just a handful of lecturers who have worked in the industry in the area of Process and Plant Safety?

2015: The idea of a competence center for a safety engineering based on the initial Dechema initiative comes up. CSE-Center of Safety Excellence is founded.
Research and training with a view to maintain competencies. This is what CSE-Institute seeks to attain. Strong partners are indispensable in attaining this – only when the industrial sector collaboratively gives guidance about the future research trends, only when it sets the requirements without ceasing to strive to be safer shall maintenance of competencies be a reality.

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