Scientific Advisory Board

Research Stimulus and Initiation of Research

CSE institute shall be advised by the scientific advisory board in regard to research and development. The advisory board is the highest ranking committee which makes key decisions pertaining future development activities.

CSE institute shall aspire to initiate and research on premier research topics in the area of Plant and Process Safety thought Europe. Regular innovations should increase safety in technical plants in a sustainable manner. In doing this, the safety concerns of the society, the benefits of technical plants to the general public, the economic interests of the industry as well as the aspects concerning world-wide efficient use of resources and ethical issues shall be taken care of.

Gaps in research and additional potential for improvement may only be identified with close coordination with the technical plant operators. Members of the advisory board shall represent the main companies in the area of Process and Plant Safety and main technical plants operators.

The advisory board plays a key role in giving guidance in regard to current projects and future research activities. It is indispensable in the long-term development of the CSE institute.

The advisory board shall advise the management especially of the following points:

  • Upcoming need for research in the area of process and plant safety
  • Future strategic approach in research and development
  • Financing of research and development projects
  • Key requirements of young talents, i.e. the contents and forms of training and research in the area of study, as well as needed key competencies of professionals
  • Provide support and give input in regard to the research topics at CSE institute.
  • Recommend award winners and awards for outstanding achievements in the area of Process and Plant Safety.

The membership, terms of office and organization of meetings are subject to The CSE-Center of Safety Excellence by-laws.

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