University Kaiserslautern is member of the CSE-Society

Welcome University of Kaiserslautern – the technical university of Kaiserslautern is the first University joining the CSE-Society as a member and supporting the CSE-Institute in the field of education and research. That makes life easier for students e.g. of process engineering, mechanical engineering and chemists to join the CSE for a Bachelor, Master or PhD thesis. Prof. Juergen Schmidt lectures Process and Plant Safety since two years at the TU Kaiserslautern.

Prof. Joerg Bart, Leader of the Faculty of Process and mechanical engineering at TU Kaiserslautern supported the contract with the CSE institute. Only if almost any student will be educated in risk management and safety issues safety may become second nature for the hole community. TU Kaiserslautern and CSE made a step towards this aim.

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