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PPS at the CSE

Safety Mind Set

PPS experts have their own view, their own way of thinking!

Could it be any more conservative? Probably not, but that’s a good thing. No less than human lives and our environment are at stake. You can – no, you have to – think and act conservatively. That is what PPS experts do. But such things have to be learned. As a rule, it does not happen on its own.

Safety Mind Set

The engineer loves the avarage! – A PPS expert looks for the limits.

Certain qualities are expected of a PPS expert:

  • think global, but conservatively
  • communicate actively
  • Evaluate across disciplines
  • Act socially responsible and self-confident
  • Search for economic solutions

Sounds easy, but it is complicated.

You need a lot of experience and a good education:

  • Safety methodologies | Practice at industrial plants
  • Interdisciplinary training in teams, safety-typical networking and active communication
  • Sound physical principles (short cut methods) for result checks and the evaluation of consequences
  • Good knowledge and experience in numerical modelling (Aspendynamics, gProms, CFD, possibilities and limitations of the methods).
  • Evaluation of suitable methods for use in the case of non-designated operation of installations
Safety Mind Set

The typical education of engineers and scientists is not sufficient for the required qualities. It must be supplemented if a PPS expert wants to do a good job.

  • The CSE Institute offers teaching in the field of process and plant safety.
  • The CSE Institute offers Bachelor’s and Master’s theses.
  • The CSE Institute offers PhD theses

The optimal preparation for practice in industry – in close coordination and cooperation with industry.