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Training for young engineers

Sustainable education at CSE means learning, applying and researching – validating theoretical principles experimentally and implementing them in industry. Research for a safe future, for the safety of process plants, in an exciting environment and together with industry.

Welcome to the CSE !

CSE Institute: Education

The CSE Institute trains in the field of process and plant safety ….

Full programme in all phases of your education!

Fundamental knowledge in lectures

Practice in industrial internships

Deepening through Bachelor’s/Master’s theses

Specialisations through PhD theses

Globalisation in the “Student Exchange Program”

Since 2015, well over 100 students, doctoral candidates, interns and master’s students from 18 countries have advanced their education and supported CSE with their work. Well-established processes, personal support and intensive exchange among colleagues are what make the atmosphere at CSE so special.

Lectures of the CSE Institute are available here:


The training of young engineers is tailored to the needs of industry. It fulfils the requirements of the Dechema teaching profile “Process and Plant Safety”..

Bachelor and Master theses at the CSE Institute are …

individually supervised

application-oriented defined

accompanied by the industry

Highly motivated academics are given the opportunity to carry out theoretical or experimental work in close coordination with the respective college or university by writing their Bachelor’s or Master’s thesis at the CSE Institute. The CSE Institute provides rooms, necessary work equipment and the expertise of experienced safety engineers. Experimental work is accompanied by technicians and workshops.

The bachelor’s and master’s theses of the CSE Institute are publicly advertised. The results are to be made available to the public.

Bachelor and Master Theses at the CSE Institute

PhD theses at the CSE Institute …

are usually designed for 4 years

are proposed by the industry
(CSE Industry Advisory Board)

make the world a little safer

PhD work at the CSE Institute means intensive research in the field of process and plant safety. Regular presentations internally and in public working groups or at symposia throughout the PhD thesis require systematic and concentrated work. Specialist publications are required.

The results of the PhD thesis are regularly discussed with industry representatives in project circles throughout the PhD period.

The PhD theses of the CSE Institute are publicly announced. The results are to be made available to the public.

CSE Institute: PhD

What makes the PhD at the CSE Institute special …

full concentration on research from day 1

clear time target

no lecture obligations

an innovative working environment

fair payment

a great team!

Student Exchange Programme at the CSE Institute …

is offered for individual, motivated university graduates to gain experience abroad. The CSE Institute supports the stays financially and professionally. Information and requirements can be foundhere.

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