PPS experts are on demand!

Process and Plant Safety Engineers work in unique and exciting places

Why study PPS? – PPS is one of the most exciting interdisciplinary topic that engineers and scientists can study if they later wish to work in the industrial sector. Protecting humans and environment from hazards is very multifaceted in practice.

There is a demand for graduate with PPS know-how in chemical and petrochemical companies, in the pharmaceutical industry, in the energy sector, in equipment construction, insurance companies, authorities as well as many service providers and even in research and development. CSE undertakes research and development in the area of process and plant safety.

PPS is a key competence that is required in all companies
and facilities that develop, operate or test equipment

PPS experts are required in every area where technical equipment are made, operated or tested. Examples of such areas are in companies such as BASF, Evonik, Bayer, Linde, Merk, Sanofi Aventis, Hoffmann la Roche, Lanxess, Lonza, Syngenta, Shell, BP, TÜV, Allianz, Gerling, State Office for the Environment and many other small and large companies.

Companies such as Braunschweiger Flammenfilter, Rembe, Leser, Inburex, Consilab, Swissi or TÜV Süd offer specialized PPS products and services.

So, PPS experts will be found in these areas in the industrial sector:

  • Research and development
  • Plant design
  • Plant safety, e.g. verifications / acceptance (giving expert opinion)
  • Laboratories and technical institutions

PPS experts apply their theoretical knowledge for example in the area of numeric simulation or in the sizing and dimensioning of technical plants. They are also active in technical schools and laboratories. PPS experts are also in production companies and also in the testing of technical plants.

PPS is evidently extremely diverse and is an interdisciplinary topic.

Typical work setting is in teams – where all the conceivable risks in the operation of technical plants are analyzed.

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