Safety Mind Set

PPS experts tick differently, they have their way of thinking (mind-set)

Can things get more conservative? Probably not, but that’s also meant to be like that. It’s a matter of human life and our environment. In this area, it is not just that one has to be conservative – one must actually think and take action in a conservative manner. This is what PPS experts do. To do this, one must acquire this knowledge by learning as this does not happen out of thin air.

Engineers prefer to use the average value!
PPS expert searches for the limiting value.

PPS experts are expected to have specific qualities:

  • Global but conservative way of thinking
  • Be active in communication
  • Evaluate situations in an interdisciplinary way
  • Act consciously and in a socially responsible manner
  • Look for economically viable solutions

While this might sound easy, it is in real sense complex.

One needs a lot of experience and good training:

  • Methodologies to ensure safety/ practical experience in industrial plants
  • Interdisciplinary training in teams, networking and active communication
  • Sound knowledge of physical principles (short-cut methods) so as to aptly check on the results and evaluate the consequences
  • Good numerical modelling knowledge and practical experience (Aspendynamics, gProms, CFD, other potential methods and limits of use of these methods)
  • Evaluate suitable methods for use while operating technical plants outside their intended use


Typical engineering and scientific training is not sufficient to acquire these required key competencies. The skills need to be enhanced for a PPS expert to do the job competently.

  • CSE institute offers lectures in the area of Process and Plant Safety
  • CSE institute offers master thesis programs
  • CSE institute offers doctoral thesis programs

This helps prepare you for practical work in the industry. This training is done in close coordination and cooperation with the industrial sector.

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