PhD project: BurstDisk2Phase

A recap of the accomplished milestones:

Back then in 2015, BurstDisk2Phase, a PhD project with the title, “Experimental Investigation of Mass Flow Rate and Pressure Drop Through Rupture Disk Devices in Compressible Two-Phase Flow” was initiated at CSE. The aim was to increase accuracy in the sizing of the rupture disk devices in our industries.

We can gladly report that the milestones listed below have been met and exceeded within the scope of BurstDisk2Phase. The most intensive milestone has been the design of the CSE 2 Phase Flow Loop on an industrial scale from scratch and its construction and commissioning. For this, stage I of the CSE High-Pressure Loop for tests with air up to 150 bar was realised. We are full of gratitude to all our partners who facilitated this milestone. It’s really exciting now to undertake experiments at the new Europe-wide unique test rig at pressures up to 150bar. Even the largest of devices in our industries, can now be tested at near-realistic flow conditions as witnessed by some of you at the ceremonial opening, during the Joint US and European DIERS User Group Meeting 2019.

What remains now is for the PhD candidate Dipl.-Ing. Mondie Kimandi Mutegi to wrap-up the documentation of the PhD-thesis and hand it in to the university. Also await publications about most of the points listed below and feel free to ask us any questions.

We look forward to applying the new knowledge in our industries today and in future with a view to reducing uncertainties in sizing rupture disk devices and increasing safety while protecting our environment against unnecessary pollution.

Targeted and accomplished research Milestones in BurstDisk2Phase – Part I:

  • Research and summary of the state-of-knowledge on the calculation of pressure drop and dischargeable mass flow rate in pipe with rupture disk installed with compressible gas and air/water two-phase flows.
  • Characterisation of rupture disks with reliable characteristic numbers.
  • Phenomenological study of the flow through rupture disks by means of simple laboratory experiments under subcritical and supercritical flow conditions and with and CFD simulations.
  • Development of models for the calculation of the pressure drop and dischargeable mass flow rate in rupture disk vent-lines with subcritical and critical flows.
  • Planning and construction and commissioning of the CSE 2 Phase Flow Loop on an industrial scale.
  • Stage I of the CSE High-Pressure Loop for tests with air up to 150 bar.
  • Air/water pilot plant.
  • Development of a test section for fluid dynamic investigation of rupture disks with requisite measurement technology.
  • Investigation of the main influencing variables in the flow through rupture disk device depending on the design and the opening behaviour of a device.
  • Experimental validation of the new calculation models with the CSE 2 Phase Flow Loop with compressible gas flows and air/water two-phase flow experimental data.

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