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New: Center for Safety of Renewable Energies (CeSaRE)

CSE Institute: CeSaRE

New research focus at the CSE Institute

The energy sector is in a state of flux. Renewable energies are increasingly expected to displace their fossil precursors. At the newly founded Center for Safety of Renewable Energies (CeSaRE), scientists from the CSE Center of Safety Excellence are researching the field of renewable energies from the perspective of process and plant safety, linking five central topics into an innovative approach:

CeSaRE – Center for Safety of Renewable Energies

CeSaRE – The thematic fields of the new research focus.

  • Renewable energies (H2, NH3, LNG, propane, …)
  • Energy transition
  • Risk Management
  • Integrity Management
  • Artificial intelligenz

New energy sources such as hydrogen, LNG, ammonia and propane are changing the hazard situation for people and the environment. Regardless of whether they are new plants or repurposed old plants and pipelines, the hazards and impacts must be identified, analyzed and minimized through tailored measures. This is necessary over the entire life cycle of the plants and concerns production, transport and operation as well as integration into existing processes and plants. In addition, there are new challenges, such as those arising from decentralized energy generation and feeding into grids, which in turn have security-relevant controls and open up new cyber-physical attack possibilities. The lack of experience in this complex of topics is also definitely one of the challenges.

But there are also opportunities: The fundamental safety technology in these areas is not new and developments in process and plant safety have made significant progress in recent years. With its CeSaRE research focus, the CSE Center of Safety Excellence will make a significant contribution to meeting the challenges posed by the energy transition.

CeSaRE – Center for Safety of Renewable Energies

Research topics at CeSaRE

Initial topics for researchers at the Center for Safety of Renewable Energies have been found:

  • Artificial intelligence to improve pipeline integrity management.
  • Development of AI-based methods and models for performing automated HAZOPs.
  • Quantitative risk analyses for assessing impacts in events involving hydrogen-carrying transportation pipelines.
  • Effects of feeding hydrogen into high-pressure natural gas pipelines

Become a funding partner now!

Currently, a pool of industrial partners is being established to contribute their interests to the project and to specifically support CeSaRE’s research projects.

For further information and to become a funding partner, please contact Prof. Dr.-Ing. Jürgen Schmidt directly..