Mary Kay o Connor Process Safety Center

College Station, Texas, USA

Mary Kay o`Conner Process Safety Center was founded in 1994. Here a long term cooperation contract is signed in November 2014 between Dr. Sam Mannan of MKOPSC (to the left) and Prof. Jürgen Schmidt of CSE Society (to the right).

CSE-Institute and MKOPSC join hands to reach their common objectives – fostering of young academics and research in the area of Process and Plant Safety.

Mary Kay o Connor Process Safety Center
Prof. Dr. Hans Pasman, MKOPSC (to the right) came to grace the occasion where a cooperation contract was signed between the two entities.


Key points in the cooperation contract

Mary Kay O’Connor Process Safety Center, College Station, Texas (MKOPSC) and the CSE Center of Safety Excellence share the same objectives in the field of Process and Plant Safety:
  • Develop safer processes, equipment, procedures and management strategies to balance industrial needs with environmental requirements and preserve worldwide resources
  • Educate young professionals and safety engineers to make safety second nature
  • Enhance safety in the process industries
  • Develop worldwide accepted, equally high standards for process and plant safety

To reach these objectives, this LOI will solidify the relationship with regard to the following topics:


  • MKOPSC and CSE will work together to develop proposals for international research projects and funding
  • The parties inform each other about support activities on a regular basis

Education of young academics (high potential safety educated engineers)

  • Reconciliation of curricula for Master students
  • Student exchange program (Master thesis in foreign country)

Harmonization of Process Safety Methodologies

  • Comparison and evaluation of Safety Methods in the US and Europe
  • Support current state of knowledge for industrial application
  • Support activities to harmonize standards
  • Coordination of joint conferences and corporate sessions

Thought Leadership

  • Regular knowledge exchange to identify future topics and optimization of potential in process and plant safety
  • Publication of white papers
MKOPSC will become a member of CSE and vice versa. The membership is free of costs and not affiliated with any voting rights.

MKOPSC and CSE share web pages with current activities. Each party is responsible for the content of its institute at the pages of the cooperation partner.

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