Studying at CSE

Training of Young Engineers in PPS

Future Engineers for a Safer Future

CSE offers training of young engineers in the area of PPS as follows…

  • Basic knowledge is taught in lectures
  • Practical experience is garnered in internships in the industry
  • Broadening of knowledge in bachelor/master thesis
  • Scientific specialization within the scope of doctoral thesis
  • Globalization of training in “student exchange programs”

Sustainable training at CSE is guaranteed with the mix of studies, hands-on training, and research with the industry with the aim of maintaining and building competency in the industry.

Lectures: CSE-Institute Process and Plant Safety Lecture is offered at…

  • Karlsruhe Institute of Technology – KIT
  • Kaiserslautern University of Technology

The content of this lecture is structure to meet the needs in the industrial sector. The curriculum complies with the model curriculum Dechema Process and Plant Safety as recommended by the German Society for Chemical Engineering and Biotechnology (DECHEMA).


in the industry are offered on a case by case basis. CSE-institute supports interested students in the search for placement and actively supports the students that get a placement. Internships are usually offered for bachelor graduates before they complete their master thesis. Those interested are advised to make an application about 3-6 months before the desired starting date.

Bachelor and Master thesis students at CSE institute are…

  • attended to individually
  • accompanied by the industry

Highly motivated students and graduates get a chance to prepare theoretical or practical bachelor and master thesis at the CSE-institute in close coordination with the home institution of higher learning. CSE-institute will offer its premises, the necessary working material and expert opinion from experiences safety engineers. Technicians and workshops shall support those involved in preparation of practical thesis.

The openings for bachelor and master thesis at CSE-institute are advertised on the public domain. The results are meant to be freely available for the general public.

Doctoral thesis at CSE-institute are…

  • structured to last for 4 years
  • proposed by the industry (which sits in the CSE advisory board)

Doctoral thesis as at the CSE institute are characterized by intense research in the area of Process and Plant Safety. With regular in-house presentations and presentation in public committees or at scientific symposia, the candidate is required to work in a systematic manner with concentration.

The doctoral thesis at CSE-institute are advertised on the public domain. The results are meant to be freely available for the general public.

Student Exchange Program at the CSE-institute is…

at the CSE institute is offered individually to motivated graduates giving them a chance to gather experiences abroad. CSE institute supports the stay financially and also offers technical support. More information and requirements are linked here.

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