IChemE Safety Center

Melbourne, Australia

IChemE Safety Centre director Trish Kerin (to the right) and Prof. Jürgen Schmidt of CSE-Society (to the left) signed a long-term cooperation contract in April 2015.

Large companies operate on global scale. The requirements in regard to safety of technical plants, and on the training of the personnel operating these plants is the same. However, the individual safety measures are defined differently in national and regional areas. ISC and CSE are working together to ensure regular exchange of know-how and experiences with a view to harmonize methods and approaches to safety related issues.

About IChemE Safety Centre

The ISC is an industry led consortium focused on improving process safety thought learning and sharing of experience and practice. The ISC also provides a forum for corporate members to interact with regulatory authorities and academic institutions, recognising the role these organisations have in improving process safety outcomes.

The purpose of the ISC is to facilitate sharing, analysing, developing, influencing and applying process safety related knowledge to improve process safety practice particularly in the different major hazard industry sectors, via actions which include the following:
  • develop opportunities and tools to enable Operating Partners to share lessons learned
  • facilitate working groups of Operating Partners to define and solve safety related problems
  • develop strategies to facilitate improvement in process safety across Operating Partners
  • track improvements in safety across Operating Partners
  • provide a platform for sharing safety knowledge and experience
  • provide input to regulators on policy, standards, codes and their implementation and seek opportunities for interaction
  • provide input to both academia and industry on research, education and training needs and seek opportunities for interaction
  • provide input to IChemE on process safety related training, registration and other matters


Contents of the cooperation agreement

ISC and CSE-SOCIETY share similar objectives in the field of process and plant safety.

Develop safer processes and equipment, safety procedures and risk management strategies to balance industrial needs with environmental requirements and preserve worldwide resources:
  • Educate young professionals and safety engineers to make safety second nature
  • Enhance safety in the process industries
  • Develop globally respected guidelines and standards for process and plant safety

In pursuit of these objectives, the collaboration will be built around the following topics:

1. R&D cooperation

  • ISC and CSE-SOCIETY will work together on international research projects and work to secure funding for such projects.
  • Both parties will share information on their respective work programmes and provide mutual support and assistance where appropriate

2. Process safety education and awareness for early-career academics

  • Evaluation and comparison of curricula for Master students

3. Process safety methodologies

  • Comparison and evaluation of safety concepts, management systems and legislative frameworks in Europe, the US and elsewhere
  • Knowledge transfer from the research community to industry
  • Promote dialogue on the harmonisation of standards
  • Explore opportunities for joint events and conference sessions

4. Thought Leadership

  • Regular knowledge exchange to identify future topics and opportunities to increase understanding and improve process and plant safety performance

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