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Future topics at the CSE

The Future of Safety Excellence.

Future topics at the CSE

What will it be like, the safety technology of tomorrow?  What are its topics?

Safety 4.0 – the connected safety technology

  • Safety devices will adapt to plants and processes.
  • They will learn from the history of the processes.
  • Safety devices will check themselves.
  • They act autonomously on fire and explosion hazards.
  • They are subject to maintenance intervals depending on the history of their environment.
  • They “remember” stresses to which they have been exposed.
  • Safety devices become capable of learning.
  • Safety devices become highly available..
  • They increase the economic efficiency of plants.

Innovative, intelligent safety devices are developed at CSE. Our focus is on: “Smart Safety” and “Plant Security”. The CSE is shaping Safety 4.0.

IT Security

  • The world of technology is becoming more interconnected. Communication is becoming more and more important. But communication must be designed safely.
  • Safety-related communication must not be subject to manipulation or disconnection. It must also not fail.
  • The requirements for the quality of communication will increase in a risk-based manner so that technical systems can be operated safely.
  • Multi-strategy communication and cloud communication will determine the future.

A laboratory for safety-related control systems is being set up at CSE. Safety controls for the future are being developed there. This requires secure communication. The CSE designs IT security.

Operational Excellence – safety integrated human

  • In future, human error will be excluded in the case of increased risks. Automation and training are opposing measures in this direction.
  • The safety culture in companies will change dramatically. Every employee will be part of this cultural change.
  • Responsible and self-determined safety-related actions and error-forgiving actions determine organisational safety measures.
  • Resilient safety operation regardless of language and culture will prevail.
  • For installations in public spaces, the potentially affected public becomes part of the safety concept. Public awareness and open safety-related information are part of this concept.

At CSE, the focus area Risk Management has been established for this purpose. Highest safety integrity despite human actions and communication with the public about safety-relevant topics are two topics in the focus. CSE shapes operational excellence.

There are many other future topics in the field of safety technology. Come and talk to us. Let us inspire you. Support the CSE Institute and become part of the CSE Society – a community for the technical safety of tomorrow! 

Focus Areas

CSE Institute: Smart Safety

Smart Safety

The CSE combines Artificial Intelligence and Functional Safety and develops innovative Smart Protection Devices.

CSE Institute: CeSaRE


The Center for Safety of Renewable Energies creates a new, integrated view of an important future topic.

CSE Institute: Plant Security

Plant Security

CSE develops integrated safety & security concepts for process plants.

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