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Green Safety

ZERO Emission

No more discharge of toxic substances? ZERO Emission is the future trend. Plant failures and leakages are today the sources of these discharges which may cause damage to the environment, poisoning, fires and explosions. This costs companies a lot of money and it also damages the image of the affected companies.

Innovative protection concepts are necessary! Technical plants must be operated under safe conditions. The conditions that lead to discharge should be detected in advance or at least as soon as the smallest leakage occurs.

Green Safety is a challenge for a future that is safer!

Early detection of leakages depends on the substance in question and the plants operating and ambient conditions (e.g. weather). There are a number of challenges: underground gas pipelines, thermal insulated chemical reactors, large vessels in petrol chemical plants or even machines that are in accessible.

  • CSE is designing sensors and protection concepts for ZERO-Emission future
  • The discharge of toxic substances shall not be acceptable in the near future – not even in the event of plant failure.

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