CSE Area of Research

Fire & Explosion

Together we can stop losses caused by fires and explosions!

Cracks, leakages then emergency relief – in this event, combustible or explosive substances are released to the surroundings. When ignited, fires occur and heat is dissipated or explosion with shock waves occur. These events must be prevented.

Fires and explosions occurring in technical plants and in field of critical infrastructure usually have huge impact to humans and environment. These incidents may be inhibited. Preventive safety measures have to be developed, which prevent cracks, leakages and reduce the fire and explosion hazard.

  • CSE institute draft innovative safety concept, which prevent the release of combustible or explosive substances.
  • CSE institute seeks to develop innovative protection concepts to ensure that combustible and explosive materials are not released to the surroundings whenever a malfunction occurs.
  • CSE undertakes research on viable options to ensure that fires and explosions have the least effect on humans and environment.

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