Areas of Research

CSE Areas of Research come from the areas where CSE has interest in. Different Innovation-Programs classified to these areas.

Economic Safety - das CSE verbindet Sicherheit von Anlagen und Prozessen mit wirtschaftlicher Produktion. Safety and economic efficiency of technical plants should not exist in conflict with each other. Realization of innovative safety concepts should help increase safety and productivity. CSE develops these concepts.
Green Safety - das CSE forsch an Lösungen für den emissionsfreien Betrieb von chemischen Industrieanlagen. Zero Emission is a major requirement for technical plants of the future. Absolutely no emission; not even when undesired events occur. To achieve this, there is need to think out of the box and implements novel safety concepts.
Safety Modelling - numerische Simulationen am CSE in Pfinztal im Bereich der Prozess- und Anlagensicherheit. Numeric modelling is the order of the day in safety engineering. Development and validation of models for safety purposes is one of the key competencies at CSE institute.
Experimental Safety ist ein Forschungs-Schwerpunkt am CSE in Pfinztal - an einzigartigen Versuchsanlagen - Hochdruck, Zweiphasenströmung... Experimental validation is not a choice – it is indispensable in safety engineering. CSE operates test facilities for research and training purposes. These facilities are unique thought Europe and beyond.
Risk Communication - das CSE informiert und klärt auf. Wir müssen uns über Gefahren bewusst sein, darüber Reden und aufklären. Do not just do research – talk about your findings. CSE offers a platform to communicate about risk issues in this day and age of social media. Risks are often assessed with subjective perceptions. To assess risks in the long term, there must be a consensus between the industry and the general public.
Fire & Explosion ist ein Forschungs-Schwerpunkt am CSE in Pfinztal. Fires and explosions are the most common effects of safety related events. CSE institute is researching on the causes while developing safety devices to deliver technical safety to technical plants and critical infrastructure of the future.
MicroSafe ist ein Forschungs-Schwerpunkt am CSE in Pfinztal. Es gibt ein elektronik-Labor am CSE. Wir forschen an SSPS. New technology? This comes with the need for new safety concepts. This is for example the case for micro-scale plant- and Nano-technologies. State of the art safety technology is required for these new technologies. To achieve this, there is need for novel solutions. CSE develops such safety technology.

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