Dissertations (PhD Programs)

PhD programs are from the CSE Areas of Research and CSE Innovation Programs; they are allocated to any of these levels.

Advanced Reactor and storage Tank Emission Model
PhD Thesis in HySafe
Begin: June 2017

In the ATREM project, the phenomena of tanking are depicted in a highly accurate CFD simulation and transferred to the simple tank model, the Advanced Reactor and storage Tank Emission Model. more

Sizing of rupture disc vent line systems at CSE
Sizing rupture disk devices for two-phase flow
PhD Thesis
Begin: April 2015

Rupture disk devices in technical plants prevent unsafe over pressurization of vessels, tanks and other apparatus. Once the burst-pressure is reached, the busting disk is activated making an opening to the relief line. The flow resistance in the relief line must not be too high during relief – this may otherwise increase the pressure upstream of the rupture disc device further. more

EuroValve PhD-Project at CSE-Institute
European Program on Evaluation of Safety Valve Stability
PhD Thesis in SmOP
Begin: July 2015

Safety valves are tested and approved by type. Tests are done using new valves under laboratory conditions. The opening characteristics of a valve may change significantly when activated under operating conditions compared to lab conditions. The operating conditions and the valve’s pressure relief lines upstream and downstream influence the opening characteristics. more

SAfe relief of Multi-Component Flashing Two-Phase-Flow
PhD Thesis in Safety Modelling | Experimental Safety
Begin: June 2017

The SAM-Flash project aims to investigate the recurring thermodynamic, mechanical and mass-transfer non-equilibrium phenomena i.e boiling delay and phase-slip, in flashing multicomponent mixtures through nozzles under critical flow conditions, which have direct relevance for industry throttling devices applications. more

PhD project: ZEBrA
Smart Anti-Breathing Device
PhD Thesis in HySafe

Damage of a storage tank due to vacuum causes large economic loss. Cooling of gas in a storage tanks results to a huge drop in pressure; this may for example occur in a hot summer day, when the tank is cooled after intense rain. This pressure drop causes vacuum forces which lead to the implosion and collapse of the tank. Storage tanks are equipped with a venting device to prevent damage. Storage tanks “breath” figuratively, depending on whether the content inside is cooling down or warming up. more

Smart Low Temperature Protection Device
PhD Thesis in HySafe
Begin: currently being scheduled

Temperatures can drop to 100°C below freezing point during pressure relief. The steel in these containers must have enough strength even at these temperatures. Attaining this means that cryogenic steels are used – these types of steel cost considerably much more than “typical” ones. So how can such costs be avoided without making any comprise on safety? more

Smart Technology for High Integrity Overpressure Protection
PhD Thesis in Economic Safety | Green Safety
Begin: January 2017

In the chemical industry, PLC interlock systems, which are adaptable to processes, are increasingly being used to protect chemical reactors. However, the complexity of designing PLC interlock systems is currently very high. The aim of SmartHIP is to reduce this effort by developing a modular kit, which allows to parametrize a process safely and is applicable for different reactor types and processes at the same time. more

CSE Promotion "SmOP"
Smart Overpressure Protection Device (SmOP)
PhP Thesis in SmOP
Begin: 2017

Development of an adaptive, controlled, mechanical safety device for the protection of pressure vessels in the chemical and petrochemical industry more

Vessel Venting Tool
PhD Thesis in HySafe
Begin: currently being scheduled

Emergency relief of vessels with gases (e.g. ethylene) is associated with cold and wet conditions. Temperatures in the range of -40°C and hundreds of liters of condensate are typical. The steel used in these vessels must be capable of withstanding these temperatures – cryogenic steels are however expensive. Intelligent safety devices ... more

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