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The gas network of the long-distance and distribution pipelines covers more than 510,000 kilometers in Germany and is used in conjunction with the domestic supply lines for the energy supply for the population and the industry. According to the Energy Industry Law, the supply security and the technical safety of these pipelines must be ensured. Technical safety has been significantly increased in recent years in the areas of corrosion protection, pipeline construction, monitoring and inline inspection systems. In spite of the increase in technical safety, accidental events occur on gas pipelines. These include the major damage events as in Gislenghien 2004, Gräveneck 2007 and Oppau 2014.

Pipeline security to protect the critical infrastructure gas from foreign impacts caused by digging machinery

The main causes of such events are external effects, in particular by excavators, drills and agricultural and forestry equipment. About 80% of the damage to pipelines is a “human error” due to work with digging machines. In order to avoid these incidents and the associated personal and material damage, the CSE Institute is researching innovative ways to increase safety of the digging machine operators and the population.


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Approach and Results

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  • Safety of critical infrastructure gas
  • Development of innovative opportunities to increase pipeline safety
  • Increased security for diggers operators and population

Dissertations in PipeSecure

Project Data

StartOctober 2017
Project Duration4 Years

Project Management:
Prof. Dr.-Ing. Jürgen Schmidt

Research Fellow:
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Prof. Dr.-Ing. Jürgen Schmidt, CSE
+49 (0) 721 6699 4780

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