CSE Facility


Development laboratory for safety programmable logic controllers

Chemical, petrochemical and pharmaceutical plants are increasingly being secured without mechanical safety devices (e.g. rupture discs and safety valves). Safety is guaranteed by implementation of measurement and control system safety systems coupled with intelligent systems which process the data accordingly.

SSPS-Lab at CSE-Institute is for developing safety concepts and testing them in the standard industry programmable logic controllers. With such controllers, technical plants operate safely and the economic efficiency of such plants is at the same time enhanced.

Programmable logic controllers from Siemens and HIMA companies are used in CSE institute.

CSE institute is researching and developing new safety concepts based on safety programmable logic controllers. These controllers are integrated in the process and plant safety lecture syllabus.

Hint: SSPS is a German acronym for: “Sicherheitsgerichtete speicherprogrammierbare Steuerungen” which translates to safety programmable logic controllers.


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