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Chem Lab

Chemical lab for classifying hazardous material

Hazardous material and dangerous chemical reactions must be rated – this task lies in safety engineering. CSE institute is researching and developing new methods for this purpose.

The chemical reaction calorimetry studies are getting more accurate by the day. Safety related key performance indicators are derived from these studies. They are only conclusive if they are determined with a high degree of accuracy independent of the location of the examining laboratory. Standardization and harmonization of such methods and development of other innovative methods are also areas of research. Examples here lie in the area of micro reaction calorimetry studies or in applications where very small amounts of material are used.

CSE undertakes research and is also active in development in the area of chemical safety engineering. Cooperation between institutions of higher learning and the Fraunhofer Institute for Chemical Technology ICT provides impetus for unique synergies for innovative safety concepts.

Chemische Reaktionen

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