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Unique test facilities for tests and calibration in all of Europe

CSE 730 bar Behälter
High Pressure Loop

Fluid flow experiments with nitrogen gas, air or water at pressure up to 3400 bar. Testing of safety valves, rupture discs, pipe fittings, control valves, valves, orifice plates (and other plates), nozzles and other fittings; including those with large NPS and at high pressure. more

2 Phase Flow Loop

Fluid flow experiments with air and water with pressures up to 64 bar. Testing of safety devices under 1-phase and 2-phase flow conditions. more


SIL – safety; the development laboratory for safety programmable logic controllersungen more

Chem Lab

Chemical reaction calorimetry to characterize the amount of energy released in an exothermic reaction are done at the Chem Lab. Safety related key performance indicators optimized and developed further. more

The “High Pressure Loop” and the “2-Phase Flow Loop” are currently under reconstruction. The “2-Phase Flow Loop” will be brought back online this year, while the CSE institute plans to have the “High Pressure Loop” in working order in 2016.
The components of these two flow facilities are largely donations of BASF SE, Ludwigshafen. CSE-Institute is appreciative for this support by BASE SE Ludwigshafen.

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