CSE Facility

2 Phase Flow Loop

Large CSE test facility to investigate gas/liquid mixtures!

The gas/water 2-phase flow loop at CSE institute is for calibrating components and pipe fittings. Measuring instruments may also be calibrated. Measurements are done at pressures of up to 64 bar with air, with nitrogen, with water or with a gas-liquid 2-phase mixture with either of the components.


The two phase flow has 2 gas puffer pressure vessels with permissible pressure of up to 150 bar. One vessel has a volume of about 30 m3 (with a length of about 24 m and an outer diameter of about 1.2 m weighing about 20 tons) while the other has a volume of about 40 m3 (with a length of about 36 m and an outer diameter of about 1.2 m weighing about 30 tons). Water is stored in a 100 m3 water reserve. The pump has a capacity of up to 300 m3/h with pressure up to 25 bar. To attain higher pressure, it is coupled with pressure vessels from the High Pressure Loop.

Mass flow rate measurement is by critical flow high-precision venturi nozzles. With this, capacity tests are done very accurately with an uncertainty below 0.2 % of the measured value. This facility also uses other flow measurement techniques such as mass flow meters (Coriolis mass flow meters) and magnetic-inductive (MID) flow meters for gases and water respectively.

Scope of Measurements

Standard measurements are performed to determine:

  • Performance (volumetric and mass flow)
  • Flow resistance (pressure drop)
  • Characteristics (pressure opening characteristics, etc.)
  • Other flow phenomena

Some of the fittings that can be calibrated include:

  • Safety valves
  • Rupture disc devices
  • Control valves
  • Valves
  • Orifice plates (and other plates)
  • Nozzles and
  • Other fittings.

This facility can additionally calibrate other measuring instruments such as orifice plates, nozzles, etc.

The main operating conditions are:

  • Test medium: Air, Nitrogen and Water
  • Water reserve: 110 m3 at ambient pressure
  • Pressure vessels: up to 70 m3 at up to 150 bar
  • Pressure rating: up to 64 bar
  • Temperature: ambient

CSE institute undertakes research and develops safety devices testing them with a medium existing in 2-phases (2-phase flow with gas (air or nitrogen) – water mixture). 2-phase flow is typical in emergency relief from pressurized vessels and plants.

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