Innovation Through Research at CSE

Safety Engineering for the Technical Plants of the Future

Center of Safety Excellence focus is in research and innovations in the area of Process and Plant Safety. Safety in chemical, petrochemical and pharmaceutical plants as well as in plants in the oil and gas sector needs to be continuously improved by incorporating the current research findings and requirements. To attain this, innovative solutions are necessary.

Center of Safety Excellence seeks to develop innovative safety concepts and to bridge between the requirements in regard to highest safety in technical plants thereby ensuring highest degree of benefits of technology to the general public. Humans and environment must be protected in the best way possible without limiting the industrial needs disproportionately.


Center of Safety Excellence trains young professionals to ensure that safety is practiced in every living situation and that safety it is the order of the day. Master thesis and doctorial programs in the field of Process and Plant Safety serve the purpose of deepening the acquired knowledge from a theoretical and experimental perspective. The training at CSE is one of the most comprehensive in Europe and is guided by the current state of knowledge in the safety engineering area.

Innovation, development of young professionals and maintenance of competence
may only be realized sustainably
with research and development.

CSE’s goal of attaining “Leadership in Process and Plant Safety” is guaranteed by the unique interdisciplinary mix of young graduates, participation of the industrial sector and the vast experience and many years of involvement in this area of safety engineering.

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