Events and CSE activities:

The CSE Center of Safety Excellence leads or is present at certain congresses.

Congress on plant safety, occupational safety and environmental protection, Koethen Germany, 11/2017

During this congress, current trends and new laws as well as the latest research results in the field of work and process safety could be presented. The participants were given the opportunity to acquire knowledge and experience in the field of plant safety and fire protection in accordance with their individual specialist interests and to exchange professional experience with the lecturers and those present.

Big Data CCPS, Frankfurt Germany, 11/2017

The European Conference on Process Safety and Big Data is focused on uses of Big Data to improve Process Safety Performance and to Achieve Process Safety Excellence. This event will serve as a common platform that brings together our key stakeholders – industry, academia, governmental regulatory agencies and labor organizations, to lead the way in improving industrial process safety and achieving process safety excellence. Especially for the PhD porject SmartHIP and SmOP is Big Data a very relevant part.

GAT 2017, Cologne Germany, 11/2017

Challenges for technical safety – view into future was the speech of Prof. Schmidt on the largest gas congress in Germany organized by the German Association DVGW. Several hundred experts mainly from the gas industry exchanged experience on topics like sector coupeling, gas mobility and technical safety.

Technic forum industrial devices, Frankfurt, 03/2018

Safety 4.0 – challenges for safety technology of tomorrow was the title of the presentation of Prof. Schmidt to give a glance in innovation technologies of safety devices in the near future. Digitalization plays a major part to make safety devices intelligent and adaptive to processes. Modular plants with new types of safety devices will substitue most likely well known and establishe safety measures. This is a major research topic of the CSE institute.

CSE Safety Days, 04/2018

The 4th symposium of the CSE Safety Days in Wangerooge was held on the north sea island Wangerooge between 23th and 25th of April 2018. Digitalization and Safety 4.0 were the main topics. About 90 safety experts from the chemical, petrochemical and gas supply industry came together. For the first time there was an exibition beside the symposium.
For more details see: Wangerooge

Applied Safety Premium Seminars 05/2018

The first six of about fourteen Seminars of the CSE Applied Safety Program took place in 2018. Five further seminars are still planned for this year. In small working groups process safety experts will be trained in a unique depth.
For more details see: Applied Safety Seminars (German)

CSE Professional Safety Engineer 05/2018

A unique certification program will be offered for the most valuable expert level in process an plant safety: Go for the CSE Professional Safety Engineer certificate! CSE offers a 3 years program with 12 modules to get the degree. Knowledge, understanding, deepth, transfer and mind set are the steps to go in each part of the modules. The certificate is based on the Applied Safety Seminars. For more details see: CSE Professional Safety Engineer (German)

BDEW Pipeline information, Hannover, 05/2018

Plant Security – protection of critical infrastructure gas against third party interference was the topic of the key note speach of Prof. Schmidt at the German association BDEW on 7th and 8th of Mai 2018 in Hannover. Participants of the energy industry mainly gas and water industry exchanged experience about latest practices in industry.

Achema 2018, Frankfurt Germany, 06/2017

A major event in the process industry with the CSE Center of Safety Excellence as an exibitor at the stand of Rembe – the ACHEMA. Several intensive contacts have been made and the visibility of CSE was further enhanced. Natalie Schmidt and Sara Claramunt as well as Alexander Boehme were present for several days. This was definately not the last exibition for the CSE.

BIL day, Cologne, 06/2018

Risk communication – are we speechless? Prof. Schmidt presented a future few of process and plant safety at the German pipline information congress BIL, where public may be a part of the process safety concepts of transmission pipelines in public areas.

European DIERS User Group Meeting, Southampton, UK 07/2018

The meeting of the European DIERS user group was held in Southampton, UK, between 5th and 6th of July 2018.
For more details see: EDUG2018

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