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Young academics working at the CSE Center of Safety Excellence are valuable capital for future innovations. The following academics have joined or will join the CSE team in the near future for Master Thesis, Bachelor Thesis or for a PhD project:


  • Mondie Kimandi Mutegi — BurstDisk2ph-Project
  • Tobias Dannenmaier — EUROVALVE-Project
  • Johannes Single — HAZOP-Expert-Project
  • Johannes Biernath — SmartHIP-Project
  • Sara Claramunt – SAM-Flash-Project
  • Natalie Schmidt – ARTEM-Project
  • Tabea Stadler – ZEBrA-Project


  • Ines Budei, MS-Student – Protection of batch reactors with model-based safety control systems
  • Sara Castellví Rubio, MS-Student – Calculation of the mass transfer during the flashing of a two-phase gas/liquid multi-component flow through nozzles at rapid pressure changes
  • Christina Groß, MS-Student – Model based protection of a chemical reactor by means of a Smart Overpressure Protection Device
  • Eike Klüver, MS-Student – Detection Methods for Underground Pipelines in Order to Prevent Third Party Interferences
  • Fabian Frank, MS-Student – Development of a Monte Carlo simulation to identify systematic faults in a process control system
  • Tasmin Schulz, MS-Student – Modeling and simulation of heterogenous condensation in storage tanks
  • Pascal Dürrwang, MS-Student – Multisensor data fusion of online-based safety models
  • Amelie Burkhart, MS-Student – Comparison of different equations of state for the calculation of thermodynamic state variables close to the critical point
  • Kathi Heithausen, MS-Student – Simulation of the phase equilibrium during respiration processes in storage tanks during safety-relevant events
  • Markus Stüven, MS-Student – Dynamic modeling of the ventilation mass flow of storage tanks with condensable tank atmosphere
  • Aleksandre Darchiashvilli, Intern Project – Dynamic modelling of the flow state of compressible fluids after instantaneous release of the pipeline cross-section
  • Tobias Schmidt, MS-Student – Study on new reactor protection concepts in the field of sensors and pressure relief
  • David Hund, MS-Student – Modelling of atmospheric propagation during emergency relief of hazardous substances
  • Marcus Zimmer, MS Student – Development of an expert system for Performing risk analyses the example of an ammonia refrigeration plant


  • Tom Blank, BS Student – CFD analysis of a rupture disk


  • Alexander Böhme, Intern — Sizing of safety devices, functional safety and risk management
  • Johannes Seibel, Intern — Modeling of Pressure Relief Lines
  • Carsten Schmidt, Intern — Modeling of Pressure Relief Lines
  • Guilherme Joaquim, Intern – Modeling of Pressure Relief Lines
  • Philipp Masino, Intern – Process Engineer & Software Development Assistance
  • Daniel V. Amaral da Silva, Intern – Process Engineer & Software Development Assistance
  • Fabian Angst, intern – Frontend development of the CSE software tool CSE-ProSaR

More details about the CSE-Team are in Members of Staff website.

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