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Young academics working at the CSE Center of Safety Excellence are valuable capital for future innovations. The following academics have joined or will join the CSE team in the near future for Master Thesis, Bachelor Thesis or for a PhD project:


  • Mondie Kimandi Mutegi — BurstDisk2ph-Project more
  • Tobias Dannenmaier — EUROVALVE-Project more
  • Johannes Single — SmartHIP-Project (next issue)


  • Natalie Schmidt, MS-Student — Valve Chattering Analysis
  • Alexander Boehme, MS-Student — Construction of a Super High Pressure Test Facility
  • Fabian Strass, MS-Student — Two-phase flow through bends
  • Johannes Kaden, MS-Student — Two-phase flow in straight pipes
  • Manuela Wexler, MS-Student


  • Carsten Schmidt, BS-Student — Experimental determination of pressure profile in a rupture disk test section


  • Gaby Römling, Intern — Modeling of Pressure Relief Lines

More details about the CSE-Team are in Members of Staff website.

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