Cooperation of US, German and Australian Safety Center signed

A new triangle of Process- and Plant Safety Center was founded:
  • CSE Center of Safety Excellence in Pfinztal, Germany
  • Mary Kay o Connor Process Safety Center in College Station, Texas, US
  • IChemE Safety Centre in Melburn, Australia
CSE signed a long term contract with both partners to start a global cooperation in education and research focusing on the following issues:
  • Develop safer processes, equipment, procedures and management strategies to balance industrial needs with environmental requirements and preserve worldwide resources
  • Educate young professionals and safety engineers to make safety second nature (cooperation with MKCPSC)
  • Enhance safety in the process industries
  • Develop worldwide accepted, equally high standards for process and plant safety
The three partner will work together to provide a vision on future Process and Plant Safety in future taking into account both industry, regulatory and academic requirements.

Trish Kerin, the director of ISC in Melbourne, Australia, signed the contract together with Professor Jürgen Schmidt, CSE Center of Safety Excellence, in April 2015. Both expect a strong cooperation during the next years focusing on global topics for research and development in Process and Plant Safety.

IChemE Vertragsunterzeichung

Professor Hans Pasman from Texas A&M University was the first congratulator after the contract was signed in November 2014.

Mary Kay o Connor Process Safety Center

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