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Vision 2030

Guidepost for innovations

Research doesn’t work without visions – and CSE has great visions!

Small steps and steady developments are good. But they are not enough! That’s not how innovations are created. For that, visions and sustainable research are needed. Our visions are born from the wishes for a safe world of tomorrow.

CSE Institute: Vision 2030

Safety technology enables the highest possible economic efficiency.

All technical systems are secured with intelligent protective devices. The devices adaptively adjust to the respective system, its contents and its current operating conditions. Within the safety limits, the system is operated in an economically optimal way.


Zero emission for technical systems.

Innovative protection systems detect potential hazards and leaks at an early stage before any danger arises. Transport lines, columns, tanks, vessels, reactors, etc. are automatically transferred to a fail-safe state. Even in the event of malfunctions, there are no more emissions. Major fires and explosions are a thing of the past.


Safety is everywhere and affects everyone.

Employees in companies, institutes and other facilities have developed a high level of safety culture. Safety is lived. In every situation. Technical errors are reduced to a minimum, human errors can no longer occur in the face of major risks. Due to a conscious awareness of possible dangers in the population, safety is at an all-time high.


The public trusts in technology
(Social License to Operate).

Society has a high level of confidence in the safety of technical equipment. Industry works on this trust with CSE every day – risk assessments, safety research and communication on these topics are a matter of course. Young talent with a Technical Safety Mindset guarantees the maintenance of competence in the industry in the long term.

From the vision, we derive the EXCELLENCE claim for the CSE Institute:

The CSE Institute makes technical plants and processes safer.

The CSE Institute shapes the Safety Mindset – think and act safety-first, every day, everywhere.

The CSE Institute is an impulse generator, incubator for innovative safety technology and hotbed for young talent.

The CSE Institute trains excellent young professionals with a strong safety mindset.

The CSE Institute is an attractive partner for research, technology transfer and expert opinions due to its core competencies.

The CSE Institute provides further education in the area of PPS through postgraduate studies and/or training for industry personnel. This can be done in cooperation with other institutions of the CSE Center of Safety Excellence.