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Scientific Advisory Board

Stimulate research, initiate research.

The CSE Institute is steered in the area of research and development by an industry advisory board. The advisory board is the most important body of the institute and decides significantly on the possible future development.

CSE Institute: Scientific Advisory Board

Background, composition and function of the Scientific Advisory Board:

The CSE Institute aims to initiate and work on leading research topics in the field of process and plant safety throughout Europe. The safety of technical plants is to be sustainably increased through ongoing innovations. In doing so, the safety needs of the public, the benefit of technical plants for the general public and economic concerns of the industry are to be considered as well as global resources and ethical issues.

Research gaps and further potential for improvement can only be identified in close coordination with the operators of technical plants. The members of the Industry Advisory Board represent leading companies and public institutions in the field of process and plant safety and the operators of technical plants.

The advisory board is of decisive importance for the management of current projects and future research activities. It is indispensable for the long-term development of the CSE Institute.

The Advisory Board advises the Institute’s management in particular on the following topics:

  • Demand for research in the area of process and plant safety
  • Future strategic orientation of research and development
  • Funding of research and development projects
  • Requirements for junior staff, for example, content and forms of teaching and research in the represented field, as well as needs of professional practice
  • Recommendation for award winners and awards for special achievements in the field of process and plant safety

Membership, terms of office, and meetings are governed by the Rules of Procedure for the CSE Institute Advisory Board.

Excerpt from the Articles of Association of the CSE Center of Safety Excellence gGmbH, § 9 Advisory Board:

  • The Company has an Advisory Board. The advisory board advises the management.
  • The Advisory Board may have up to 50 members. The appointment and dismissal of advisory board members is made by the first managing director.
  • The Advisory Board shall elect a Chairman and a Vice-Chairman from among its members upon the proposal of the First Executive Director.
  • Meetings of the Advisory Board shall be convened by the Management Board in agreement with the Chairman of the Advisory Board. The meeting shall be convened in writing with at least two weeks’ notice.
  • The Shareholders’ Meeting shall adopt rules of procedure for the Advisory Board at the proposal of the Management Board.
  • The provisions of § 52 GmbHG do not apply to the advisory board.