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Career at the CSE Institute

Future has no limits.

At the CSE Institute, many exciting projects are waiting to start in the upcoming months. You can find out more about them in the research section. Here you can get an overview of our research focus as well as the current and planned projects at the CSE Institute.

CSE Institute: Career

Whether HiWi, thesis or PhD – the CSE Institute offers plenty of opportunities for students!

HiWi Jobs

In the area of research, we are continuously looking for qualified and motivated students to work on various projects. But also students who prefer to support us in general institute operations are welcome. If you are interested just send an email to mail HiWi Jobs or write directly to one of the doctoral students.

CSE Institute: Student theses


Finally putting theory into practice – working on real projects and helping to design innovative solutions – making contact with industry and potential future employers. At the CSE Institute, plenty of gripping tasks and projects await you in the form of bachelor’s or master’s theses. Shape the conclusion of your studies at the CSE Institute.

info Master thesis abroad

Within the framework of exchange programs, the CSE Institute offers outstanding students the opportunity to write theses abroad, e.g. at the Mary Kay o Connor Process Safety Center in the US.


You’ve handed in your thesis and mastered the last exam with ease. You have the vision and want to achieve more than just the next step on the career ladder? With a doctorate at the CSE Institute, you take the next decisive step. The CSE Institute offers you the opportunity to earn your doctorate without sacrificing contact with industry. During the four years of your doctorate, you will expand both your technical and social skills. You will build up an international network of science and industry that will help you in your later professional life.

How do I find a suitable job?

Very simple – inform and apply! On the Internet pages of the CSE Institute are many theses, PhD but also long-term focus areas are described. Most of the cases you already get an idea there.

The best thing to do now is to call the project supervisors or come by the CSE Institute for an interview. This can be done informally and very quickly. In a conversation, you get deep insights into a topic in no time and a feeling for whether it fits – for both sides.

Now it’s getting serious! A topic has been found. What is missing now is the application, also for bachelor or master theses. At the CSE Institute, we work closely with industrial companies. The topics are always relevant to practice. For the employees, this is a good stepping stone into industry. Andererseits möchte das CSE-Institut seine Mitarbeiter gut kennen lernen. The application is part of this. It can be sent by e-mail or as a letter – of course, you can also bring a portfolio to the interview. On the other hand, the CSE Institute wants to get to know its employees well. The application is part of this. It can be sent by e-mail or as a letter – of course, you can also bring a portfolio to the interview.

Ready? No, not yet. The head of the institute would like to meet and greet all employees in person. That, too, is uncomplicated. Often, they already meet during the first interview in Pfinztal. The interview has another advantage at once: the CSE Institute supports the employees with travel expenses, food, accommodation, etc. With the director of the institute, the possibilities can be clarified quickly.

And now? It is done. Congratulations.