Applied Safety Premium Seminars

Safety at its best – the CSE has launched Applied Safety Premium Seminars on the recommendation of the Scientific Advisory Board of the CSE Society. True to the motto: „practical application instead of listening“, every seminar is held in small groups of a maximum of 10-15 participants. All relevant areas of process and plant safety are covered in 15 modules.

The training courses are characterised by a high proportion of work in small groups and group work based on real industrial examples. Each module consists of three competence areas: Basic, Advanced and Expert, which are based on each other and can be booked individually. Most of our participants book the Basic and Advanced Level to get a high-level education in the topic of the booked module.

In 2018 the following Premium Seminars will be held (registration is open):

In 2019 the 13 seminars are scheduled and open for registration:

More information on the topic of the modules can be found here: Applied Safety Seminars

To become a specialist in all fields of process and plant safety, at least 12 of the 15 modules of the applied safety premium seminars can be attended. To receive the Certificate as a CSE Professional Safety Engineer additional tasks for every Applied Safety Premium Seminar have to be solved and submitted. Afterwards the participant is certificated as “CSE Professional Safety Engineer”

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