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Megatransport durch Deutschland ans CSE

Länger geht´s nicht mehr auf deutschen Straßen. Europas größter Schwerlasttransport rollt durch Pfinztal. In der Nacht vom 29. zum 30. November fährt der riesige Schwerlasttransporter mit einer Länge von 45 m – fast drei Hauslängen – in polizeilicher Begleitung zum CSE Center of Safety Excellence – dem Forschungszentrum für Prozess- und Anlagensicherheit. more


CSE and EPSC – process safety networks deepen their relationship

Two European based process safety networks, the European Process Safety Centre (EPSC) and the CSE-Society for the Promotion of Process and Plant Safety, associate of the CSE Center of Safety Excellence in Pfinztal near Karlsruhe, recently concluded a co-operation agreement which from the outset entitles each party to have full member rights to the other party’s network. more

Center of Safety Excellence

Innovation through Research

EuroValve PhD-Project at CSE-Institute
PhD Thesis
European Program on Evaluation of Safety Valve Stability

Safety valves are tested and approved by type. Tests are done using new valves under laboratory conditions. The opening characteristics of a valve may change significantly when activated under operating conditions compared to lab conditions. The operating conditions and the valve’s pressure relief lines upstream and downstream influence the opening characteristics. more

Sizing of rupture disc vent line systems at CSE
PhD Thesis
Sizing rupture disk devices for two-phase flow

Rupture disk devices in technical plants prevent unsafe over pressurization of vessels, tanks and other apparatus. Once the burst-pressure is reached, the busting disk is activated making an opening to the relief line. The flow resistance in the relief line must not be too high during relief – this may otherwise increase the pressure upstream of the rupture disc device further. more

PhD Thesis
Multi-Component Flashing Two-Phase-Flow

The MultiFlash project aims to investigate the recurring thermodynamic, mechanical and mass-transfer non-equilibrium phenomena i.e boiling delay and phase-slip, in flashing multicomponent mixtures through nozzles under critical flow conditions, which have direct relevance for industry throttling devices applications. more

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