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CSE außerhalb von Wissenschaft und Technik – Karlsruher Stadtwerke-Cup, CSE-Team im Halbfinale

Forschung und Entwicklung ist ein zentrales Thema am CSE. Abseits davon bietet das CSE aber auch gemeinsame sportliche Freizeitaktivitäten. more


Exkursion zu Endress+Hauser – CSE besucht Hauptsitz des Premiumherstellers für Messtechnik.

Wieso schmeckt die Cola immer gleich oder warum hat der Joghurt immer die Gleiche hohe Qualität? Dem CSE wurden die obigen Fragen bei der Exkursion zu Endress+Hauser nach Maulburg im Schwarzwald, die am 12.06.17 stattfand, beantwortet. more

Center of Safety Excellence

Innovation through Research

Safety valves devices have been proven over time; they however have the tendency to “flutter” – characterized by intense high frequency opening and closing of valves – or they tend to deviate from the intended operating conditions. They are sized assuming the worst case scenario and are such over dimensioned in most cases. They are the limiting factor in the operation of a technical plant. more

Sizing of rupture disc vent line systems at CSE
PhD Thesis
Sizing rupture disk devices for two-phase flow

Rupture disk devices in technical plants prevent unsafe over pressurization of vessels, tanks and other apparatus. Once the burst-pressure is reached, the busting disk is activated making an opening to the relief line. The flow resistance in the relief line must not be too high during relief – this may otherwise increase the pressure upstream of the rupture disc device further. more

PhD Thesis
Multi-Component Flashing Two-Phase-Flow

The MultiFlash project aims to investigate the recurring thermodynamic, mechanical and mass-transfer non-equilibrium phenomena i.e boiling delay and phase-slip, in flashing multicomponent mixtures through nozzles under critical flow conditions, which have direct relevance for industry throttling devices applications. more

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